Friday, April 24, 2015

A to Z Challenge: U is for Utterly Hopeless

U is for utterly hopeless.

When Thorin Oakenshield hung onto the fallen tree teetering precariously over the cliff with the other dwarves, and while the pale Orc, Azog, emerged from the fiery battle, he could not deny his fate any longer. Thorin had to face Azog, even though it was utterly hopeless. He left his perch to confront his opponent, and his inevitable death.

Thorin took the blows, but was no match for the giant dwarf-killer. What happened next was thrilling. When Thorin lay helpless and about to have his head taken by Azog’s minion, Bilbo Baggins left the tree, attacked the henchman orc and killed him.  

Then the rest of the dwarves took courage from this and joined in the fight. They held their own until the eagles came to rescue them all.

Sometimes we must face an utterly hopeless situation before we see the light that is waiting in the dark—waiting to swoop down and save us. In A Doorway Back to Forever; Believe, Robyn reaches an utterly hopeless situation. She has to draw on the skills she has seen in order to win. It’s the only way she can gain courage to believe.

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  1. Sometimes i feel like blogging is utterly hopeless, but I always get a quick pick me up when someone stops by to visit. You might enjoy my V post on the A to Z Challenge. I refer to Hobbits!
    Maui Jungalow


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