Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A to Z challenge: G is for Guardian, and Gabriela, (and Michael)

G is for Guardian, and Gabriela, (and Michael)

So, if you found a magical doorway leading to Forever, there’d better be good guys on the other side of the door to ensure you hadn't walked into a trap, right? Robyn steps through and meets her escorts, or guardians, in keeping with the A to Z challenge, riding two beautiful white-winged horses. Gabriela the Wise and Michael the Brave have their swords drawn and ready to protect Robyn, once they convince her they won’t kill her.

Michael and Gabriela have a colorful, romantic back-story that won’t be revealed until book four in the series, but there will be lots of hints about their relationship prior to that. At one point Robyn asks Gabriela if she and Michael are married, causing the two of them to turn bright red.

I had a lot of fun with these two characters, which is probably why I developed an extensive back-story for them. In staying true to their names, Gabriella shows remarkable wisdom and Michael has seen battles that would make the bravest warrior shake in his boots. Robyn grows to rely on them, maybe closer than she should. 

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