Wednesday, September 2, 2015

IWSG September post: A Tiny Girl with a Giant Passion

Most every time I write for the Insecure Writer's Support Group on the first Wednesday of the month, I think to myself, "Wow, I have so much to be thankful for. So much has happened to help boost my spirit and lessen my insecurities." This is good. I'd rather celebrate the tender mercies in my life rather than murmur about my problems. (and I have many...but I'm determined to overcome them!)

This post is dedicated to Sarai, a tiny girl with a giant passion. I discovered her when I found the web series, Star Trek Continues, the greatest fan-based series around. It takes up where the original Star Trek left off. It is a mastermind of creativity, authenticity, and Roddenberry-esque stories. 

Sarai is a pint-sized Star Trek fan of monumental spirit. She has a Youtube channel called Sarai Trek, where she appears in her room--complete with a model USS Enterprise, Star Trek memorabilia, Star Trek original art and posters, and toys dressed in Star Trek uniforms. (I particularly like Woody dressed as Spock.) She, too, wears a Star Trek uniform shirt and she proceeds to give a detailed recap of her favorite episodes. The details she recites are exact in word and cadence. Her parents have edited in clips of the original episodes, showing the scene with Sarai's dialog on top. She's absolutely adorable. And for me, she is inspirational.

Sarai reminds me of me when I was little. I had a giant passion for Star Trek. I had the episodes memorized (and without dvd.) I had the toys and I dressed up my dolls in Star Trek uniforms. But I didn't have video to record it, or parents that loved it the way Sarai's do. But I had that same passion.

When I feel like the world is bearing down on me, when I feel alone in my writing passion, when I feel like giving up, I remember Sarai. She is single-minded in her love for something great. I feed off her passion and use it to remember-- my love for something great is larger than my fears. my dream for writing is as passionate as my love for Star Trek was when I was young, (still is), and I have a little girl with a giant passion pushing me onward. Thank you, Sarai! Ahead, warp factor one!