Friday, January 9, 2015

My Daily Writer's Retreat


 Michael and I moved to Bethel Pennsylvania a week before Thanksgiving last year. This is our log cabin home. It comes complete with two wood burning stoves, all wood interior, and lots of open space! I have never been happier in a home before. It is our dream come true. Truly a writer's haven. We chose this home because it is located down the road from the Golden Age Air Museum where Michael spends many happy hours flying and working on old airplanes. A win win for both of us!

Once we pick up some of Michael's aviation artwork that has been on display in New Jersey, and once we find a place to hang it, I'll get some pictures of the interior up for display here. The house is all wood and has a rustic feel. Kind of like Montana, but with smaller mountains...
When something is right in your life, you feel it. Everything falls into place. Everything about this move has been perfect--the church community, the friends and neighbors at the  museum, and especially the beautiful spirit we both feel here in this restful town. I'm happy to post that in the two months we've been here, my writing has really taken off! Must be something in the air.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

January's IWSG post

So here is my monthly post, thanks to the Insecure Writer's Support Group
I can't believe it's 2015. My stomach is doing flip-flops over it! Part of me is really excited, but the rest of me is paralyzed with fear. Why, you may ask? Because I declared this to be the year that something happens with my story. Here's why:

Last November I completed a major overhaul of my manuscript. Then during the month of December I went back with fine-tuning it. I combined two scenes, gave some secondary characters more humor, tightened up some suspense, and tied up plot holes that needed it. My target was to finish by the new year and I sort of did: January 3rd. Now I have a draft that is ready for critiquing again. That's exciting and scary!

I'm looking for the push I need to get this thing rolling, and I think I found it. The American Night Writer's Association is a group of LDS women who write. I recently joined up with them and suddenly found myself as secretary for my local chapter. What a great way to get involved! Tomorrow is our first online meeting for the year, and I'm excited to be a part of it. New writing friends and new energy to start a new year.  Things are looking up.

My 2015 goals: If I declare them, then I must make them so!
1. Get Doorway Back to Forever: Believe critiqued, edited, and published. Wow. I said it.
2. Outline DBF: Trust, bang out the first draft in February (my self-proclaimed NaNoWriMo), revise and revise till I can get it critiqued.
3. Outline the rest of the series.
4. Go to a writer's conference...somewhere...!
5. Get online active with exposure
6. Keep myself from going insane!

It will be wonderful to see how many of these I can accomplish. Time will tell. Thanks for reading.