Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A to Z Challenge: M is for Midnight into Morning

M is for Midnight into Morning

Opposition creates tension, conflict, and great storytelling. It drives a story forward, giving the characters purpose. It makes readers become emotionally attached to the character’s situations, sucking them into the story as they watch their favorite characters make choices that lead to more opposition. The plot threads become one giant knot of conflict until the protagonist unravels the mystery or bravely destroys the ties of bondage.

It’s always darkest before the dawn—this is not just a mere cliché. Biblical references talk of the 11th hour—the spiritual despair that is felt by the faithful who, when they are at their wit’s end, cry out for the master to save them. The 11th hour is not eleven o’clock at night, as some would expect. Midnight sets up the beginning of the darkest hour—which falls deep into the night. But thankfully morning’s light breaks the bonds that midnight forces upon us. Midnight never wins—morning always comes.

We all go through our midnight-into-morning moments. Sometimes it feels as if midnight will consume our spirit. But oh, how the rejoicing comes when dawn breaks into morning! We hardly remember the sorrows of midnight—morning is that powerful.

In A Doorway Back to Forever; Believe, The Kingdom of Midnight is an evil place—The Kingdom of the Morning is a glorious destination. Readers will travel from Midnight into Morning on a fantastic adventure. And when the story ends, it is my hope that they will gain courage to believe in the coming of the morning in their own lives again.

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