Tuesday, January 14, 2020

I'm alive and ready for 2020

Hi Skyborn Warriors!

I know it’s been a while since you’ve heard from me on my blog. * hangs head in shame*

My biggest regret is neglecting you, the ones who have supported my work. *tears welling up*

And I could give excuses as to what kept me from contact *hemming and hawing*

While 2019 was a year of discovery, 2020 will mark a new decade and a new path for A Doorway Back to Forever.

Highlights of 2019:

·         Saturday Stories—what a huge step for this introvert who hates the sound of her voice! To record, produce, and post a new video each week, and to do it faithfully was a great feat. Yes, I had several weeks with repeats, but I don’t consider that a bad thing. I gave myself breaks when I was on vacation and when I needed a pick-me-up repeat for myself. We all need a measure of kindness even from our hardest critic (ourselves). But overall, I learned to be relaxed, quicker with the recording, more creative in the producing, and more engaging with the audience. That’s a huge success for me.

Author Academy Elite—editor for AAE, managing editor for The Guild, coaching calls, and ISC19. I’ve really enjoyed my work with Author Academy Elite. It’s wonderful to help new authors with their proposal and chapter submissions and to find editors for full manuscripts. I’ve come to appreciate the many walks we face in life, and I admire those who have the courage to share their stories to make a difference in the world. I love the coaching calls since I came from a teaching background. It feels good to teach again, especially the new fiction writers. I was once there, and I’ll never forget the help I received. Having my son accompany me to the conference was a real joy! He's got the entrepreneur bug in him too, and together we will fly!

·         A Doorway Back to Forever: HONOR. Book four in the series was released in October, and it was a big hit at the Igniting Souls Conference in Columbus Ohio. I admit this one was my heart and soul in print as it dealt with the death of my savior-character in the story. But don’t worry! (Spoiler alert) You will see more of Prince Calemir!

·         Website—Beyond the Doorway is up and running and people can sign up for the mailing list and receive a free PDF, but the course material is still under construction. This is my biggest regret for 2019. I wanted it running but I had to work on some emotional issues first. I’m happy to say, I have!

Emotional Healing—this is my biggest 2019 success. I realized the reason I couldn’t move forward with a self-help course was that I needed to heal my personal wounds first before I could help others heal. I needed to confront some sorrow and trauma of the past. I had a very personal, private, spiritual revelation about my dad (who passed away 10 years ago) concerning his past, his emotional well-being, and our relationship. It has led me to understand him in ways I never had been able to before. There is complete love between the two of us now, and I finally feel free to finish my book series and move on with my course. It’s amazing how God works in our lives! More on that in future posts.

For 2020, my list has some last-year holdovers and new goals to make the year a success:

·         Audiobooks!
·         More Saturday Stories
·         A new video series called The Secret Power of Story
·         Book Five: A Doorway Back to Forever: REMEMBER
·         Book Six: A Doorway Back to Forever: RESTORE
·         The course: The Doorway Experience

I also have a resolve to be less of a hermit and more engaged with you. I will most likely blog twice a month and post daily on my Facebook page: Nanette O’Neal, Author.

So as I gear up for more, I hope you are ready. It only gets better from here.

Discover your true worth, and live your life to reflect it.