Wednesday, May 6, 2015

IWSG May blog: Not so insecure anymore

Thanks again to the Insecure Writer's Support Group and the A to Z Challenge which they offer each year! I completed the challenge and felt very secure about it! Here are five things I learned:

1. Keeping a commitment is fulfilling. I've known this in so many aspects of life, but seeing it manifest in my writing has been a real thrill. 

2. Blog posts are more fun with pictures! 

3. Blog posts are even more fun with video clips! Sound and action make it all more meaningful.

4. I'm not alone. Writing can be a lonely profession, but it was so nice to have people read and comment on my posts. It made me feel part of a community of writers. *smiles*

5. Being connected to the writing community gives me purpose. I'm stoked to get back on target with my novel, and to continue blogging about what's important to me. Some of my favorite posts were the ones that had inspirational meaning. The world needs more positive energy. I for one am happy to provide it!

Now, onto the Doorway Back to Forever series. Let magic-sense lead you to your own Awakening!

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