Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Kary Oberbrunner... REVEALED

It's a cesspool out there ... *holding my nose*
The internet is swarming with online pitches to become authors, coaches, and entrepreneurs—but how do you know whom to trust? A stranger’s face, a gimmicky click-bait tagline, and the premise of selling you something that is more self-serving to them rather than helping you start your business—all too scary for me! No, I needed something that worked in my life, someone whom I could trust, and someone who believed in the vision I had. Enter Kary Oberbrunner.

You can’t do that!

After writing the first book of my fiction novel series, I knew I wanted it to become more than just a book on a shelf. I saw it not only as a story but a way to launch a coaching-type business for families. No one I had spoken to about this understood my vision. I felt discouraged, resigning to the fact that I had to publish this book by myself without expanding it into a business. I felt alone until I clicked on an online webinar about Author Academy Elite.

Could Author Academy Elite be another scam?

The webinar was given by Kary Oberbrunner—author, coach, speaker, and founder of Author Academy Elite. AAE is a collaborative publishing and marketing company that not only helps you publish your book but teaches you how to turn it into a business. There was nothing to buy at the end of the webinar—big surprise to me! Instead, he asked us to fill out an application to see if we would make a good fit. That impressed me—he was screening potential clients to see if our ideas were worth developing and if he could be of help. I sent him my proposal and was shocked to get an email saying he wanted to personally talk to me about the potential business around my book—speaking engagements, supplemental materials, online webinars—ideas I hadn’t even thought of. Finally, someone who saw what I saw and believed I could make something more of this. I’m a woman of faith, so after much pondering and prayer, I signed up.

Selling is Serving? What’s up with that?

Kary’s signature style of teaching is all about serving. Using video modules, pdf guidebooks, and live chat sessions each week, he makes himself available to every member of the group. Never did I feel he acted as if he was better than the rest of us. Rather, he was there to serve. For those of us who have a strong foundation in our faith, this is precisely what we’re told to do and how we are expected to act if we are to live our faith. How refreshing to find someone in the business world doing this with humility and teaching us to do the same in our own business and lives.

Igniting Souls Conference—did I join a cult?

After I published my first book, I was given a chance to present it at the Igniting Souls Conference 2016 last October. Can I tell you I was scared of what to expect! Would I meet a bunch of slimy salesmen? Crazy cultists? Boring business people?  It was nothing like that at all. Kary and his team ran the event with respect, integrity, and passion—all while giving us more value than we could imagine. In ISC17, the guests were informative, motivational, hilarious, and generous—who leaves a conference with the PowerPoint notes from several of the big-time conferences speakers and a free book from another speaker? Yes, Amy Schmittauer gave over 200 books away. Why? She learned what all the other presenters had learned (and what Kary is teaching us)—how to serve your clients first.

Were the newbies eaten alive?

We didn’t only hear from giant rock stars like David Branderhorst, Dexter Godfrey, Mike Kim, Brian Dixon, and Amy Schmittauer—Kary gave every new author a chance to speak about their book and business. I can’t tell you how inspiring it was to hear the stories of our fellow journeymen and women who’ve struggled in life and have used the wisdom they’ve gained to propel them forward through coaching and writing services. Each story was more uplifting than the last.

Is this the real deal?

I’ve attended two Igniting Souls conferences since joining AAE, and I can tell you I’ve never been more energized about growing my business. I’ve struggled all my life with the sense of feeling like I matter. Kary and his team prove to me over and over that I matter, that my message is worth telling, and that people are starving for what I have to give. The difference now is that I too see those people as souls whom I can serve—and I so desperately want to serve them to give them what’s lacking in their lives. Igniting Souls Conference 2017 did that for me.

Take-aways for you:

Your faith is moving forward, or your faith is in reverse. ~ Dexter Godfrey
Stop getting ready to get ready. ~ Dexter Godfrey
What’s obvious to you is magic to other people. ~ Brian Dixon
Don’t be the newspaper at the end of the driveway. ~ Brian Dixon
Your pain is your platform. ~ Kary Oberbrunner
Refuse to stop trying—if you’re not failing enough, you’re not trying enough. ~ Kary Oberbrunner
Create awareness by serving your audience. ~ Amy Schmittauer
Marketing is what you do for people, not what you do to people. ~ Mike Kim
When we influence language, we influence thinking. ~ Mike Kim
The power of the product is to serve people. ~ Brian Dixon
Believe in what God has given you, learn from those around you, work hard, and serve people to the best of your ability. ~ David Branderhorst

 I hope to see you all at Igniting Souls 2018 Conference in Columbus Ohio, October 20th - 21st.