My Boon Speech

Before Elixir Project Experience, I had a grasp on my Boon—but like sand running through my fingers, I felt it slip away. Now, I have the tools I need to recognize my Boon more clearly, to focus on what it takes to make it happen, and to implement those actions in a pure flow state.

So here’s my boon Speech:

A great story can be so entertaining! But a good story—one that speaks to your soul— can change your heart forever. Never underestimate the power of a good story! 

Think back to when you were a child—what was your favorite story? It may have been a timeless tale of good triumphing over evil, or a  happily-ever-after story that brought the heroes home.  Whatever it was, I’m sure it spoke directly to your heart and made a lasting impression to this day. This is not a coincidence. I believe the power of story is a gift from God—a gift that speaks directly from His spirit to ours reminding us of eternal truths that span all generations and cultures, touching hearts to remind us of things we have but forgotten. Where did I come from? Why am I here? Where am I going? A timeless story doesn’t simply entertain. It inspires us to be better than we were yesterday. We need more good stories!

And so, my series, A Doorway Back to Forever, was born. It is a fantasy story with symbols of faith for those who have eyes to see them. It is a written for middle grade and older, especially families and those who are looking to strengthen or reconnect to the divine connection they have with God. The main characters, Kit and Robyn discover they have a secret gift called magic-sense—a forbidden power to see and hear beyond earthly sight and sound. It is considered a taboo, but they are strangely drawn to it. Unable to control their curiosity, it leads them to the doorway back to Forever, a magical realm where magic-sense began. They’re given a challenge to explore the kingdom and fight with the royal family for its existence. But a madman beyond the doorway wants to see the royal family destroyed and the girls dead. Kit and Robyn know what they must do—do you have the courage to join them?

 As an author, music educator, and aviation enthusiast, it’s been my long time passion to develop this series. I grew up never understanding my true nature as a daughter of God. Reaching my own awakening years ago, I felt driven to share this truth with others who may be looking for a similar connection. My Boon has since grown to include a seven book series, an online master seminar based on the symbolism in the books, and eventually a movie based on the series.

I’ve got book one published, book two ready to be published in May 2017, books three-five written in rough draft, and I’m looking forward to creating the online seminar this summer, to be launched in the fall of 2017.

Kary Oberbrunner believed in my boon before I even knew what it was. Through Author Academy Elite and now Elixir Project Experience, I have the tools and the confidence to make my Boon a reality. Thank you Kary, David, and all of you in the Igniting Souls Tribe for your love, support and encouragement!

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