Saturday, April 18, 2015

A to Z Challenge: P is for Prison Break!

P is for Prison Break!

Kit gets captured by a henchman from the Dark Lord, Sylvare—but she’s not about to stay in prison. Her cell mates give her the desperate news: they’re waiting for the Clearing, a time when prisoners are paraded in a large arena and given a choice—join Sylvare or be eaten by wild dragons. That’s enough for Kit to find a way to escape before her time for the Clearing is set. All the other prisoners are too weak and afraid to go with her, except for one girl, Amelia. Kit and Amelia make a run for the bridge back to Forever.

The henchmen discover they’re missing and the girls race to stay ahead of the guards. But they get separated—Kit has no idea if Amelia makes it to the bridge. She has to face the darkness of Midnight alone…or does she?

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