Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A to Z Challenge: L is for Legend

L is for Legend.

A Royal Family offers a Golden-Heart.
A traitor plants a black decoy.
A line is drawn in the sand.
A prince destroys the black decoy.
A royal family offers a golden heart.

This five-line poem is a chiasmus. The first and last lines mirror each other, the second and penultimate lines do the same and the middle line is the symmetrical midpoint. The style of writing was popular in ancient Hebrew and can be found in scriptural texts such as in the Holy Bible and the Book of Mormon. JK Rowling wrote each Harry Potter novel using this style, also known as a ring cycle. Mirrored events can be seen when comparing first and last chapters within her books and so on, as well as comparing book one to book seven, book two to book six, etc. What a fascinating mind to be able to think in a reflective style and write this way!

My humble attempt at a chiasmus is displayed in my telling of the ancient Legend of the Before-Time. In book one I introduce the first five lines of the poem. In the following books the chiasm continues, telling the tale of the Legend of the Kingdom of Forever in a way that only those with Magic-Sense can understand. By the time readers are absorbed in the story, they’ll be fluent in chiasmus writing, and the fullness of the Legend will be revealed. 

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