Monday, April 10, 2017

Questions about A Doorway Back to Forever

Where did the idea for A Doorway Back to Forever come from?

 A great story entertains. But a good story—one that speaks to your soul— can change your heart forever. Never underestimate the power of a good story! 

Think back to when you were a child—what was your favorite story? It may have been a tale of good triumphing over evil or a happily-ever-after story that brought the heroes home.  Whatever it was, I’m sure it spoke directly to your heart and made a lasting impression to this day. This is not a coincidence. I believe the power of story is a gift from God—a gift that speaks directly from His spirit to ours reminding us of eternal truths that span all generations and cultures touching hearts to remind us of things we have but forgotten. Where did I come from? Why am I here? Where am I going? A timeless story doesn’t simply entertain. It inspires us to be better than we were yesterday. We need more good stories!

My desire to help people reconnect with their spiritual nature propelled me to write A Doorway Back to Forever. It is a fantasy series with symbols of faith for those who have eyes to see them. It is a written for YA, upper middle grade, and older, especially families and those who are looking to strengthen their divine connection with God. The main characters, Kit and Robyn discover they have a secret gift called magic-sense—a forbidden power to see and hear beyond earthly sight and sound. It is considered a taboo, but they are strangely drawn to it. Unable to control their curiosity, it leads them to the doorway back to Forever: a magical realm where magic-sense began. They’re given a challenge to explore the kingdom and fight with the royal family for its existence. But a madman beyond the doorway wants to see the royal family destroyed and the girls dead. Kit and Robyn know what they must do—do you have the courage to join them?

Do fictional stories really have the power to do more than entertain?

Fiction has the power to teach and to heal. We come to this life with a connection to God, but something happens to us along the way. We lose sight of our divinity due to the trials we face while negotiating this journey called life. We become tattered, soiled, sold for cheap. We’re lied to and told that this broken image of ourselves is who we are. In reality, we’re worth more than we can even imagine, more than what we remember. Some people are fortunate. They experience a foundation of faith that helps to ground them, refocus their worth, and teaches eternal truths through spiritual instruction. Others aren’t so fortunate and spend their lives searching for their worth. There are more ways to remember one’s worth, and storytelling is a powerful venue for teaching these truths. A Doorway Back to Forever is an exciting series, but it is more—it points us in the direction of our eternal home.

Is it preachy?

Not at all! The symbolism is woven subtly within the story and character arcs. For those with a spiritual upbringing, you may notice it. For others without, it’s simply a fantasy story. I’ve had people of both backgrounds comment on how the message touched them at their own level of spirituality—even hardcore agnostics!  In the seven-book series, readers will rediscover what they have forgotten—their eternal connection to God. It is perfect for families to read, then discuss and compare it to their own ideas of eternity. It is the kind of story that reintroduces us to our relationship with God and helps us move closer to Him. The series has something for everyone at any age.

What are the first two books about?

A Doorway Back to Forever: BELIEVE takes two families on a journey of faith and courage discovering the magic within them. It begins by introducing the reader to the two families and the magical world they find beyond the doorway which leads to Forever. It is there where they learn of the royal family that beckons them home, the madman that vows to destroy them, and how to gain strength to overcome the challenges they face.  

A Doorway Back to Forever: TRUST is the second book in the series. It asks the question, “Now that you believe, can you be trusted to go further?” It explores the trial of temptation as the main characters are lured from both sides of the doorway. 

The rest of the series explores moral, ethical, and spiritual trials which fall in the realm of the fantasy world, the Kingdom of Forever.

Where do you see this going?
A Doorway Back to Forever will not end with the seven volumes. Supplemental material will be released, including study guides, podcasts, and inspirational fireside chats discussing the spiritual topics in further depth. A mastermind course called A Doorway Back to Forever Awakening will offer insight into connecting with your spiritual nature and will be available online in early 2018. I even have hopes to make this into a movie in the distant future.
Tell us more about the first book, BELIEVE:


Welcome, Skyborn warrior. Your Awakening is now.

Robyn and Kit are best friends who share everything—except their darkest secret. They were born with forbidden magic-sense, the ability to see and hear beyond Earthly sight and sound. It’s been called a taboo, but Robyn and Kit are strangely drawn to it—could there be more to this curse than they’ve been told?
When their secret spills out, it opens a doorway back to Forever—the realm where magic-sense began. It is a gift, connecting them to the Skyborn people. They are summoned back by the forces for good to preserve the kingdom and revive magic where it once flourished—on Earth. It can thrive again if Robyn and Kit are brave enough to follow.

However, the doorway awakens more than magical fairy-tales. A dark force is unleashed—one that has battled the Skyborn since time began—and it wants the girls dead, the Earth destroyed.

Beyond the doorway is where the adventure begins—trickery, kidnapping, a prison break, rescue teams, sword fights, magical gold-dust, holographic medallions, and singing orbs—but only for those who have the courage to believe.

Tell us more about the second book, TRUST

full Title: A Doorway back to forever: Trust
genre: YA, upper middle grade, and families
Back cover Blurb:

 “Mark my word,” Dr. du Monique said, “One-third of your team will fall to Midnight—and this black vial will be the cause of it.”

Robyn, Kit, and Cam are called to be on the Elite Skyborn Warrior Team, but the Legend’s prophecy points a guilty finger—three of the nine are destined to turn on the prince. They swear none of them would ever fall, but the vial has a secret, mesmerizing appeal.
While learning to control their powers, their younger siblings, Shirley, Grace, and McCoy, are taught to spy on suspected magic-users and turn them in to the police. When the older kids discover a plot to kill Mr. Fischer, they must use advanced skills they’ve secretly cultivated—skills that could push them over the edge into Midnight. 

Will they be the ones to fall to the dark side, or will their younger siblings have them arrested before their mission is complete?

A Doorway Back To Forever: TRUST, is the perfect sequel to BELIEVE. It takes two families on an adventure to Midnight and back that challenges their ability to trust who they are, why they are here, and what they’ve been chosen to do. Do you have the courage to join them?
 “Nanette O’Neal spins another great tale of faith, this time asking who can resist temptation—would you pass the test?” Kary Oberbrunner, author of ELIXIR Project.


The second book in the Doorway Back to Forever Series by Nanette O’Neal, A DOORWAY BACK TO FOREVER: TRUST takes the fantasy to the next level with mystery, suspense, and temptations that leave you guessing who the villains really are! Robyn, Kit, and Cam continue their training while battling the dark forces of Sylvare beyond the doorway. Their younger siblings, Shirley, Grace, and McCoy, secretly investigate their forbidden use of magic. The three younger siblings add comedy to this thrilling tale as each side questions who and what to trust. This is a story of faith, courage, and knowing how to follow your gut. A perfect sequel to BELIEVE.  ~ Kary Oberbrunner, author of ELIXIR Project.

A DOORWAY BACK TO FOREVER: TRUST is an inspiring book about revelation and finding yourself. I felt like I was in the story learning and growing with each character. I felt inspired reading TRUST, and I am excited to have a book that I can enjoy with my kids. ~Whitney Rockwell, reader.

A DOORWAY BACK TO FOREVER: TRUST reminds me of the "Chronicles of Narnia" with a touch "Aragon" ... battling good vs. evil.  It is a perfect read for any age. I am a father of 3 young-adult children, and I couldn't put it down!  ~ DeLane Davidson, reader.