Saturday, August 29, 2015

Milestones through the Doorway: Thank you, all who have been there.

 Yesterday I hit a milestone. I finished the first draft of my second book, A Doorway Back to Forever: Trust.

This is surreal. Nine years ago I had an inspiration to write a novel series based on my conversion story. It wasn't simply a book, it was an idea. A concept. A teaching tool. A pathway home. A doorway back to forever. I got an unmistakable confirmation from on high to proceed. Then, the obstacles came along.

A father  with cancer, a grandmother with Alzheimer's, surgery, and spiritual trials meant to drown my vision before it had a chance to float. I held on anyway.

I got some great advice to learn the craft of novel writing and the doorway was opened again--through workshops, writer's conferences and retreats, critique groups, and a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. Book one is in it's final stages of edit. Book two made it through its first stage of writing, with the promise of successful rewrites, additions, and edits. Is this me I'm writing about? Yes.It.Is. I am a writer.

This milestone happens to coincide with a good friend of mine's passing of her defense for her doctorate in Art History. Of course, I can no way elevate my accomplishment to her level, but we did share thoughts on the similarities. Both are milestones. Both give us a sense of completion in areas where others had doubted our success. Both give us credibility. Wow.

Today is a day to celebrate. Tomorrow is Sunday and I will rest. I'll give my first draft a week to mill in my head and to give me a chance to get a few ldsblog articles done. But by September 7th, I will have  new doorways to open, more milestone to set.

I have to thank my Heavenly Father. He gave me the original inspiration and he showed me tender mercies along the way that have led me to this place. Thanks, Dad.

I have to thank my husband, who continues to believe that I am the greatest thing that ever happened to him, so he supports me in my crazy ideas. I love him more than I can say.

I have to thank my friends who have listened and put up with this idea for years. They never let me down, especially when I needed support. Thanks, Mieke, Janell, Terrie (across the veil), Mike, Ken, Heidi, Debra, Jim, Michelle,Jenna, Jesse, Grace, Rebecca, and all those I may have forgotten.

I have to thank my family. If not for Danielle, Katie, Tommy, Mom, Mike Jr. Kristen, Marlis, Kathy, it would all be a dream stuck inside my head. Thanks for helping me get it out.

I need to thank my critique groups and friends in iWriteNetwork, ANWA, Pied Piper's and Fans of Fantasy. . Especially Donna , Tristi, Jared, and Pam. Without you, this would not be worth telling. With your help, you've taught me how to tell it well.

Wow. You'd think I got it published! No, not yet--but I'm so grateful of where I am right now, I need to express it. Thank you, all.