About Nanette

Nanette’s Background: I was born in Missouri, raised in New Jersey, educated at Mason Gross School of the Arts (Rutgers University in New Jersey), lived in Japan, currently living in New Jersey unless I’m hiking Glacier National Park in Montana. 

Nanette the Author: I’ve been an avid journal writer all my life. My faith opened a new world to me in many ways, and expressing my love for the gospel through writing has been a great blessing.  I currently write a weekly column for LDS Blogs. My own blog here will be an outlet for my spiritual take on this roller-coaster ride called life. But most dear to me is my newest endeavor, a faith-based fantasy novel titled A Doorway Back to Forever: Believe. Read about its progress on my blog page.

Nanette the Musician: I have a degree in music education with over twenty years’ experience in public, private, church and community teaching and directing. I play the trumpet and violin, but my greatest love is waving the conductor’s baton, bringing a musical score to life. Catch my latest concert news with the RUAWS.

Nanette the Wife and Mother: The best thing I ever did was marry my wonderful husband, Michael. He let me raise his talented son, Mike Jr., who is an audio production engineer, guitarist and songwriter. My husband and I do almost everything together including guitar and violin duets, karate, Iaido, hiking, and aviation-related antics. He is an aviation artist and Artist Fellow member of the ASAA. He also flies a 1930 open-cockpit biplane and can be seen over the skies of Bethel Pennsylvania at the Golden Age Air Museum air shows each summer. I’m his biggest fan.

Nanette’s Faith: The second best thing I ever did was follow my heart by joining the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. If you’ve ever pondered the spiritual meaning of life, who you are, why you are here, and where you are going, you’re not alone. These questions lead me to my faith. Joining was a personal decision of mine that has brought me years of happiness. 

Other things about Nanette: Egyptian and German heritage, Executive Secretary for the American Society of Aviation Artists ,life-long Star Trek fan, particularly TOS, DS9 and STC (Star Trek Continues),  4-1 energy type, bakes a mean cookie, loves all dogs, chats on iWriteNetwork, plays Lumosity games daily, listens to concert band music, loves Styx and Yes, bound and determined to hike all the national parks out west, yearns to climb Devil’s Tower one day, and detoxes from stress by watching Frasier reruns.



  1. Hi Mrs. O'Neal! I just wanted to say that my son Daniel, who you taught in Franklin Township is still playing Cello. We never have forgotten you. He is an adult now still playing in his downtime also guitar. Thank you so much for being there and being the person that you are. Laurie Crowley

  2. Daniel Crowley!! One of my all time favorite students!! I'm so happy you found me here! Please tell Daniel I said Woo Hoo!! One of the characters in my story plays the cello, by the way! It really warms my heart to hear from you. I still have the book you gave me Wisdom Comes Quietly. It is a go-to treasure to this day. Please give Daniel my best. I'm sure he's a spectacular young man. I wish you all the best!!


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