Monday, June 25, 2018

Book Three: A Doorway Back to Forever: DEFEND ... and more!

Hello, Skyborn warriors! I have three great things to announce:

  1. Book three, A Doorway Back to Forever: DEFEND, is about ready for release. Interior and cover design are ready for submission. After its final review is complete, I’ll be shooting for a July 31st  date for release. Look for opportunities to be on my launch team and receive free stuff.

       2. A Doorway Back to Forever: BELIEVE and TRUST are being considered for an award at the Author Academy Awards under the YA/ Middle-Grade category. If you would like to vote for one or the other, follow this link, scroll down to Ready to Vote, then scroll across to the YA/ Middle-Grade category. Thank you so much!

       3. My new website, Beyond the Doorway, is undergoing a facelift. When it’s ready, it will look more inviting and offer more than blog posts and book details. I’m shooting for an August 31st date to launch my new online courses and material. The name of the program is Stepping Through the Doorway. It will be a haven for Skyborn Warriors who love the magic of storytelling, have the desire to delve deeper into the art of story, and to learn more about the symbols behind the series. It will give people a place to connect with other like-minded warriors to share ideas on strengthening individuals and families with wholesome, value-driven stories. 

      There will be lots of free videos and downloadable material for families and individuals designed to educate, enlighten, and entertain you as you escape into the world of the Kingdom of Forever. There will also be in-depth courses that dig deeper into the symbolism of the series that can act as study guides and self-help material to enhance your spiritual nature and set you on the right course in your life’s journey. You will also have access to a unique Facebook group of other Skyborn Warriors so you won’t feel alone in your Awakening. It should be fun, meaningful, and helpful to anyone with a great imagination, a sense of their divine worth, and a desire to enhance both.

Does this sound exciting? If so, make sure you leave your email in the comments so I can send you a free sample of the material I’m going to offer.

And now, here’s the back cover blurb of DEFEND to pique your curiosity:

Magic-sense will no longer be silent.

A pending earthquake threatens to wipe out Tallisete, and many non-Skyborn citizens fear magic-sense is the cause. Bloodborn anger stirs up old hatred. The upcoming election could save the Skyborn people, or it could mean their extermination. Robyn, Kit, Cam, and the rest of the warriors can’t sit back and watch.
Prince Calemir asks the team to find his long-lost treasure box, missing since the Before-Time. It holds the key to saving them all. The warriors enlist an unlikely candidate to help: a mystical priestess of the underworld who has battled the enemy, Sylvare, since he first unleashed his poison beyond the doorway. As the warriors learn her story, they fear the priestess might be serving the wrong master.

A Doorway Back to Forever: DEFEND is a race to uncover the truth in a world of deceit, doubt, and fear. It is a battle cry to all warriors, young and old, to defend what is right. 

"Nanette O’Neal’s books are a guiding light to children and families in a sometimes darkened world. Her characters touch our hearts as they fight for what’s right."  ~ Kary Oberbrunner, author of Elixir Project, Your Secret Name, The Deeper Path, and Day Job to Dream Job.