Wednesday, October 1, 2014

I am an Insecure Writer

The online group, Insecure Writers Support Group, offers an opportunity for writers to post their worries and struggles about their writing endeavors, without fear of reprisal. The day is set aside as the first Wednesday of every month. This is my second entry.

I am still so insecure, that I haven’t yet joined the IWSG. I’m reminding myself that this is okay, because baby steps come in all different sizes. Mine are miniscule. So my post is limited to my blog…for this month…

I’m excited though, for this post—I actually have something to be happy about! September was a very productive month. I attended the iWriteNetwork Retreat in Heber City, Utah. It was so much fun getting to know the people I communicate with online each week. I realized there are people out there just like me—people who have a story to tell and a desire to tell it well. I met people who were willing to help and teach, share and learn. I felt like I was accepted as family and I’m not alone in my endeavor. It gave me great comfort and strength to write on!

Secondly, I finished the first stage of my complete overhaul of my manuscript. I took all the critiques into consideration and decided on a middle-grade novel with two main characters, Rosie and Katie. I bumped up Katie’s role so it would equal Rosie’s and I gave the two girls equal POV. This was a real task as I had about seven POV characters prior to this. This has enhanced the characters of Rosie and Katie, giving the reader more reason to empathize with them. It’s also made the villain more scary and distant and the hero more heroic. I also cleaned up POV issues that I literally could not see as problems the first go around. I chalk that up as an accomplishment—something that will propel me into Book Two when I’m ready for that during NaNoWriMo.

I almost gave up on this over the summer. So very happy I didn’t. We are moving to Pennsylvania in November, and I’m so excited for the change. I know it will jump-start my career, my online presence and my faith in this project. I need it, too—desperately.

My October goals are clear:
1.      Use Scrivener. Period.
2.      Get updated with my online presence, here, Facebook, LinkedIn.
3.      Do more critiques for Pied Piper and Fans of Fantasy
      4.      Study, outline, pack.

Wish me luck!