Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A to Z Challenge: S is for Song of the Orb

S is for Song of the Orb

When I taught instrumental music, the kids loved to play movie themes. The more simple the melody, the more likely it could be arranged for all levels of musicians. One year, fifth graders begged me to play the theme from James Bond—intricate rhythms, tough intervals to hit on a stringed instrument, complicated melody and bass line—but they were psyched. I can’t say it came off perfectly in tune, but I can say they had a blast pushing themselves to learn it!

I decided early on to include music in my story. Music is a powerful tool for good or evil, depending on its message and nature. I want this story to point in the direction of hope, and so the song had to be uplifting.

The orb sings a message of eternity. The melody is haunting, but the lyrics tell the story of faith that is inherent in the series.

Listen, now to the Song of the Orb
Believe it whispers wisdom
Trust your heart to follow its path,
Defending the royal kingdom.

                                         Honor the gift that was given to you.
                                         Remember your promise there.
                                        Restore the truth to its glorious end,
                                       Becoming a royal heir.

I chose a simple melody so that anyone can learn it quickly. The meter is common time. It's set in a minor key, beginning with a leap up to a major 5th , then slowly descends down the minor scale back to the tonic. The notes stay within a few steps of a natural minor scale—not too high, not too low—easy for a beginner to play on an instrument, easy to sing as a solo or in a chorus. I wish I had a recording of it to share, but that’s for another day.

At least you can read through the lyrics and find whatever meaning that brings peace to your soul. 

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