Monday, March 14, 2016

So What Happens at an Online Book Launch Party?

Two weeks until my book, A Doorway Back to Forever: Believe, comes out on, and I think I’m finally believing it myself!  The Official Launch Party, scheduled for that evening, from 7-9 EDT, will be a blast and a half! I’m excited to have eighty-five people “going” and forty-six “interested” so far.

Some of you have been asking what happens at a book launch party. Well, here are some things that will, and won’t happen:

What won’t happen:
1.      I won’t be doing book signings at the launch—sorry! The book is only available online so far, which means you can’t get it at a book store yet. And since the party is online, we won’t physically meet anywhere. Since you checked off “going” or “interested” the party is now scheduled as an event on Facebook. Make sure you go to the official page on March 29th to actually be “at” the party.
2.      There won’t be dance music—but you can play your own music if you’d like! Put on some epic soundtrack during the party. I suggest something with a driving theme like Pirates of the Caribbean or Robin Hood, or something with a haunting melody like The Hobbit or Harry Potter. Anybody remember the music from Hook? That would work really well too!
3.      You don’t have to dress up. You can even attend in your jammies. It’s not being Skyped so no one will see you, or me, for that matter. Hmm…which jammies shall I wear?

What will happen:

1.      You will go to the Official Launch Party page. There you will see posts pop up from my launch team, Loving the Book They are in charge of running the party. They will post snippets about the book, the characters, the author, and even some excerpts from the book.

2.      The posts will offer challenges for you to reply, and the best answers will win prizes. Some of the prizes offered will be print and eBooks, donated by some author friends of mine, gift cards, key chains and bookmarks. I’ve participated in some of these parties before, and it’s fun to watch what people are saying. It makes you feel like you’re actually connected to the world through the internet!
3.      Make sure you refresh your page to keep up with each new post.

4.      I will be eternally grateful for your support. I can’t begin to explain what this stage of my life means to me. My dream has come true, and this is only the beginning of a fantastic journey—not only for me, but for those readers who are looking for a good story that summons inner courage, offers hope, and brings them home with honor.