Saturday, April 4, 2015

D is for Doorway. And Danger

D is for Doorway. And Danger.

The Doorway is the foundation of my novel, A Doorway Back to Forever: Believe. Did you ever wish there was a magical doorway that could take you back to a world you once knew? Walk through the door and you enter a realm that holds the answers to questions you've always pondered, adventures you've always dreamed of living. I've always imagined how it would be amazing to step through a doorway into such a place. But I never imagined the danger…

D is also for danger.

In my story, it is dangerous to believe in such a world. Belief in anything that could be construed as magic is forbidden, even outlawed in some parts. Magic had a turbulent past until it was finally banished from earth, forgotten by most but protected by a small handful of faithful followers. These people struggled to keep magic alive in secret until the day when it would be fully revived on earth.

 My two main characters, Robyn and Kit, find themselves standing in front of such a doorway, trying to decide if the danger is too great a risk. If Robyn can believe her eyes and if Kit can believe her ears, they have half a chance of making the right decision…

On Monday, E is for ears and eyes… Happy Easter!


  1. Danger is such a good word. I LOVE to read about my character's being in danger, but as for myself, not so much.

  2. Me too! l love to get them out of danger too!


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