Upcoming Engagements

* October 21-22 2018 Igniting Souls Conference
I will be speaking to over 200 authors, coaches, and speakers about my second book, A Doorway Back to Forever: TRUST. It's a great opportunity to introduce my book to new people, acquaint myself with fans of the series, and make an impact on the audience about the power of story.

* May 8th - May 21st  Loving the Book Blog Tour
Come on a virtual tour of the book, the series, and information about me! Click to enter for prizes while you read. Thank you for entering!! Click here to follow the blog tour!

* May 3rd, 2017 : Loving the Book Launch Party
Loving the Book will be sponsoring a book launch party on Facebook, Wednesday evening at 8 p.m. EDT. The link will be posted here shortly. When you click on the link, click "Going" in order to sign up. At the time of the party, go to the Facebook page and watch the party take off! You'll learn about the book and the series, and those that participate will earn chances to win free prizes! This is a fun event that you can attend right in your own home!!

* October 2016 Igniting Souls Conference:
Nanette had the honor to introduce her book, A Doorway Back to Forever: BELIEVE, to an audience of two-hundred authors and entrepreneurs. She spoke about the power of story, it's connection to our divine heritage, and the need to connect through story.

*  November 2015 Nanette O'Neal's "I Am an Author Speech."
 ~ in 2015 as Nanette partnered with Author Academy Elite for collaborative publishing, her first online presence consisted of a video declaring to the author community her desire to write A Doorway Back to Forever series. The video is too large to post, but trust me, it was a thrilling experience to make such a declaration!

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