Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Updates from Beyond the Doorway

I’ve been working diligently beyond the doorway and had to pop back through to share some of my excitement!

Remember: Book Five in the A Doorway Back to Forever series is nearing its final stages of writing. I needed to give it a major overhaul, and in doing so, felt the tug from a pesky secondary character who had a voice that needed to be heard. Once I gave him life, the story took off in a direction I hadn’t planned. I now can say I’m really excited about this book and can’t wait to get it to my editor! My target date for launch is July 2020.

Audiobooks: No update as of yet, but I’m hoping to rectify that soon!

Author Academy Award nomination: I’m thrilled to say A DOORWAY BACK TO FOREVER: HONOR, has been nominated for a 2020 Author Academy Award in the Fantasy category, an honor bestowed for literary merit and publishing excellence in the writing and publishing industry.

If you would like to support me by participating in the popular vote portion of the award evaluation, please click the “Vote for 2020” button. Once there, click through the poll to view the Fantasy category, then find and click on A DOORWAY BACK TO FOREVER: HONOR.

About the Author Academy Awards

The Author Academy Awards is an award bestowed for literary merit and publishing excellence in the writing and publishing industry. It is presented annually by Author Academy Elite, a premium service provider for authors, at the Author Academy Awards Ceremony. For more information on the awards, visit AuthorAcademyAwards.com

Update on my course. I’ve been hard at work writing my course, titled, Your Doorway Back to Forever: A Story-lover’s Gateway to Becoming Fully Alive. It’s a companion series to the fantasy novels based on the power of story, and it is designed to help individuals and families recognize their God-given talents and strengths so they can push through personal barriers and live the life they were forever meant to live. My target launch is July 2020.

Saturday Stories and The Story Nook. I’m still going live on Facebook each Wednesday for The Story Nook, and it’s been a real thrill. It’s given me a reason to test my theory—can good stories pull you through hard times?

 No one can deny times these days are nothing like we’ve ever experienced, and I’m happy to say featuring a good story each week has strengthened me. I hope it has for you too! Saturday Stories is going strong too, so I hope you’re finding solace in a good tale to brighten your days.

How are you? Times of uncertainty can bring even the strongest soul to their knees. We’re all feeling it—bouts of loneliness, despair, and fear. It’s not fun, but it’s very normal—you are not alone with these feelings. Don’t hesitate to reach out to loved ones. When the “for-now normal” begins to wear on your heart, change up your routine, dip into your well of spiritual strength, and reach out to others in need. We will get through this, one story at a time.

Until next time, take care!

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