Sunday, April 5, 2020

Who Do I Want to Be During COVID-19?

The Meme Hits Hard
If I had seen this meme during the first week of COVID-19, I would have been upset and defensive. No, I wasn’t one of the toilet paper hoarders, but I felt a bit of fear from this new unknown enemy that had attacked the world and spread like a tsunami with no warning, leaving devastation in its wake. Fear is a natural first reaction, but it doesn’t have to be our last.

 Stages to Pass Through
One of the most boring phrases in scripture is now my most favorite because of its wisdom: and it came to pass. True, my eyes have glossed over it more times than I’d like to admit, but now I cherish it. God has been telling us all along no matter what hell we’re experiencing, it is only a phase and we will pass through it. It came to pass back in Old Testament times, and it will come to pass again for us.

In the Fear Zone, a sense of urgency and panic well up inside us. We might even react to that initially because we get swept up in what the mob might be doing. We become paralyzed in fear, and if we’re not careful we can live there for a while. But it came to pass, and we can move on.

In the Learning Zone, we become introspective and realistic, and we’re not afraid anymore to face what is. It might still be scary, but we are moving, passing through it, and becoming teachable. We’re learning to balance our emotions with logic and faith so we can continue to press forward.

In the Growing Zone, we’ve mastered fear and put our needs aside, looking for ways to reach out and help others. We’ve taken the step toward selflessness and begin to touch others around us, helping them deal with their fears so it can pass for them, and they too can learn and grow.

Let’s Grow Together
I don’t know how long this virus will last or how much of a toll it will take on the world. But I do know it will come to pass that we will overcome this. And when we look back, we might see the devastating aftermath, one that cannot be helped, but we can prevent a similar effect it could have on us if we choose to pass through fear, move on to learning, and make it a habit to be positive, helpful, patient, and willing to grow from this and every experience we are given.

Stay safe at home when you can,

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