Thursday, April 9, 2020

What's Going On Beyond the Doorway?

Sometimes tragedy paralyzes you to the core, and other times it lights a fire so hot there’s no stopping you. I’ve had enough paralysis in my life—it’s time to burn the house down. Here’s my current arsenal:

The audiobook for BELIEVE. Voice actor Joe Christensen has been doing an amazing job getting the many voices right for my book series. I’d always had it in mind to have a male voice read the story, like a father reading to his children. Joe has the tender, caring timbre I’d imagined. He gives the perfect balance of humor, wisdom, terror, and triumph to each character, bringing life to the story in a new and exciting way. I can’t wait to announce the release, hopefully in a month or so.

The Story Nook. My newest segment is a Facebook Live series airing every Wednesday at 4 p.m. Eastern Time Zone on my Facebook author page, Nanette O’Neal Author.  We need a place to put aside the troubles of the world and renew our mind, heart, and soul. The Story Nook provides that place for story-lovers of all faiths and backgrounds. Each week I focus on an aspect of a good story and talk about what makes it special. My goal is to help people realize the answers they look for are hidden in the messages of all good stories if we know how to find them.

Saturday Stories: Going strong into its second year, this weekly video series is designed to uplift families and individuals as I tell my favorite stories and help people imagine being the heroes of their life’s story. It’s gotten easier to produce, and I’m delighted with the feedback. You can find a new episode every Saturday morning on my author page on Facebook, Nanette O’Neal Author.

Launching My Course in June. I’m thrilled to announce after several years of being on hold, my course based on my book series will finally be up and available by June. My new title, Your Doorway Back to Forever: A Story-Lover’s Gateway to Becoming Fully Alive, is designed to help people find meaning and direction through the comfort and safety of story. Stories do three things nothing else can: They delight us as they entertain, they unite us by bringing people together, and they ignite us to be better than we have ever imagined. They can also bring a sense of worth back into our hearts if we know how to let them. More details to come.

A Doorway Back to Forever: REMEMBER: Book five in the series is progressing, but not as quickly as the rest of my work. It needed a major overhaul after the first draft, and that was tough. I'm now working on completing the storyline, and I will then revamp it with editing to sharpen the story and character arcs and give it all the pizzazz it deserves. This book asks readers to ponder this thought: What if you lived before you were born and your worst enemy here was once your best friend? My target date for publication is July 2020.

My thoughts and prayers are with you, Skyborn Warriors, as you strive to stay healthy during this pandemic and safe at home as much as you can. We will get through this and we will be stronger because of it.

Forever yours,

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