Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Evolution of the Doorway Part Three: When Harry Visits Narni

If Harry Potter wanted to visit Narnia, he’d get there through A Doorway Back to Forever.

How fun is it mash our favorite stories or characters together! It shows how meaningful they are to us and that we have an affection for what they represent. We let our imagination continue to grow beyond the story we love, and like vines, they grab hold of everything meaningful, gathering it all together into one giant fantasy comfort-zone.

What did we love about Narnia? It was a fantasy series with gospel symbols that reminded us of our foundation—we come from a divine beginning, we have a divine heritage, and we will return to it one day. These are themes that resonate with people of every faith, nationality, and race, for one simple reason—they are true. Not only are they true, they are necessary, we crave them, and we look to them to strengthen our character and to build hope.

What did we love about Harry Potter? We got a chance to exhibit magical powers outside of this world, with characters we grew to love in a world we wanted to be a part of. We let our imagination take us to this world and we found our own personal place to live in it. We found family there. We found friendship that is loyal and true. We came home.

Do I claim to be a C.S. Lewis or J.K. Rowling? Not at all. But I was so touched by these authors’ works, I decided to tell my story just as they told theirs. I am a simple author with a powerful message. My message has the potential to touch readers’ hearts, to help them remember who they are, and to remind them of what they can become.

Reading uplifting works is a source of peace and strength for me—I hope for you too. It’s why I read scriptures every day.  Reading good fiction has a similar effect. It’s not simply a way to escape the chaos of the world. If the characters overcome trials of the heart, if good triumphs over evil, and if the message points us back home, then reading fiction is one more way we can grow stronger in our sojourn here on Earth.

There is so much evil in the world. The Pevensie children learned how to face it in Narnia. Harry overcame it at Hogwarts. Here’s your chance to immerse in another such world, in A Doorway Back to Forever: Believe, to witness another family find their way home. 

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