Friday, July 29, 2016

The Evolution of the Doorway: Part Five—The Gateway Between Two Worlds

A Doorway Back to Forever is a gateway between two worlds—ours, and a fantastic place where magic-sense was born. Not everyone can see the doorway. Your magic-sense, the ability to see and hear beyond Earthly sights and sounds, must be awakened to summon the door. Once it is, there’s no turning back! Get ready for an adventure that will awaken more than you expected.

As a child, we use our imagination freely—it’s the nature of childhood. But as we grow older, we put child-like things aside. The danger lies when we do this so often, we lose our ability to wonder, and we forget the possibilities of hope. We dismiss the value of believing in things greater than what we see around us. We become trapped in a finite world, routine patterns, and cloudy expectations. We lose sight of the Doorway.

But whether we see it or not, the Doorway is always there.

Have you had a secret dream that took you to a world of wonder and magic? Have you ever heard a call, beckoning you to be more than who you are? Have you had questions that no one seems to have the answers for? My guess is, you have—we all have. Maybe these thoughts are telling you something—persuading you to look beyond what you see and find your own personal Doorway. In a sense, they invite you to find out more about who you are, where you come from, and why you’re here—questions that break you free of the limitations of this environment.

We have access to a Doorway similar to the one in the story. For some it is unlocking the imagination and creative process of the brain. For others it is enlightenment in a spiritual sense. For all, it leads to a place of peace, clarity, and the hope that all things will be made right again. The sorrows and struggles of this world try to keep you from seeing it, try to burden you with self-doubt, cloud your mind with every reason not to search for answers. But answers are there for everyone. The trick is to find your personal Doorway—and when you’re ready, you’ll see it.

When life bears down on you, when the chaos of the world seems unending, when you are tempted to give up and give in to the pressures around you, stop. Take a deep breath. Find your Doorway and visit the magical world beyond. Escape, explore, energize, then come home and live as you were meant to—enlightened beyond imagination.

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