Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Evolution of the Doorway: Part two in the summer blog series The Classic Story—A Parable of Hope through Fantasy

The Classic Story—A Parable of Hope through Fantasy

What makes a story resonate on a higher level for you? What is it about a story that connects you to something greater than what you see around you? What makes it a classic? It is the theme, the underlying message. When the theme speaks directly to your eternal nature, reminding you of who you are, why you are here, and what your eternal destiny is to be, the story becomes part of you. It is hard to forget. 

Think about it: The theme of the classic story, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, by L. Frank Baum, taught you how to find your way back home using your head, your heart, and courage. The theme of the Star Wars movies, by George Lucas, was to use the Force, an external power that could only be captured through faith, to guide you to your destiny. While these were simple stories, they spoke to the divinity within us all, opening our eyes to a higher realm, helping shape our own destiny, both in this life and throughout eternity.

Every good story sticks with you in spirit because it conveys the messages of hope, family, and home.

Many readers have been drawn to the story of the Doorway series because of its inspirational nature. While fantasy storylines are captivating in their own right, inspirational fantasies have a satisfying nature to them that more readily speak to the human spirit. This is by design—not my design as an author, but your design, as in your relationship with a loving Eternal Father.

My hope was to create a world that feels like home with characters that feel like you. As you read, you can put yourself in the story, experience the adventure as though you are there, struggling with the same challenges, making the same choices. As you escape into the story, you can face the whole range of emotions—the highs of excitement, the lows of despair, and the triumph of success. After the final page, you can go back through the Doorway, reentering your world with added strength and courage to face your unique challenges and to shape your destiny.

This life is a playing field to remember who you are. The story of the Doorway series acts as a parable of sorts, to comfort, to guide, and to strengthen your resolve to be what God intended you to be.

Next up in the blog series: The Heart of the Story—like Harry in Narnia

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