Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Evolution of the Doorway: Part One--Faith as a Motivator

The world is upside down. Corruption and crime, ignorance and insults, have taken over American politics. The media is more interested in ratings than right vs. wrong. No matter how strong a faith you have, you feel the pressure to give up. Seeing godliness in the world becomes almost impossible because there is so much sorrow, clouding your view.

Stop. Breathe. Remember.

 That’s not where you started. That’s not how it will end.

Why the Doorway Series?

One of the motivators for me in writing the Doorway Series was my desire to hold onto faith in this troubled world and to impart something of that faith to help strengthen others. I have a deep spiritual connection to my Father in Heaven. And yet, watching man’s inhumanity to man, his compulsion to do harm, his thirst for power and control, often leaves me overwhelmed. I see unthinkable acts of cruelty in the news daily. My mind struggles to make sense of it. This is not how we were meant to act. This was not part of our original design. We were born to rise above the inhumanity, to tap the divinity within us, and to utilize that power to create—not to destroy.

What we consume either edifies or destroys us.
We all know the results of a healthy diet and lifestyle—stronger body, longer life, happier days. Taking preventative measures to stay healthy shows wisdom of choice. When we do get ill, we take proper care to get better as fast as possible. Why? A healthy state is a happy state, both in mind and body.  But no matter how physically healthy we may be, disease of character—hate, bigotry, foolish pride, envy, dishonesty, unrighteous control, to name a few—can have devastating effects on the soul. These viruses eat at our heart, mind, and spirit as deeply as an infection eats at the flesh. If we continue to consume the poison of these vices, they will consume us.

Resetting a foundation of goodness
Filling your mind daily with hope is the antidote. Meditation, prayer, scripture reading—whatever speaks to your heart. Performing acts of kindness strengthens resolve. Viewing positive, wholesome entertainment also helps the soul to heal—and that’s where the Doorway Series comes in. Reading the Doorway Series is a way to reset your foundation. Forty-eight reviews don’t lie—people love the concept, the fantasy, and especially the hope that it offers. For children, it sets a foundation that we are more than what we appear to be. For adults, it reminds us of what we have forgotten—the divinity of our nature. The more we fill our hearts and minds with goodness, the more our actions will reflect that spirit. A foundation like this is what will change the world, one person at a time.

For those who are religious and spiritually minded, there is something of that nature included in the book that will speak to you. For those who look at the world differently, the virtues of goodness will still shine through. It is a novel that tells a story to your inner child, but it also holds your hand, guides you back to a better world, giving you the blueprints on how to make that world a reality for you here and now.

Open the Doorway, feed your mind and spirit with goodness again.

Next week: Part Two: The Story—where did it come from?

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