Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Heavenly Father Wants You to Write--thank you, Rhett!

(This was supposed to be posted in June...better late than never!)

Everyday, I roll out of bed and onto my hands and knees--a trick I taught myself years ago. Rolling onto the floor and then situating myself upright into a kneeling position next to the bed ensures a faithful morning prayer, uninterrupted by the dogs.

Last week I needed that uninterrupted prayer more than ever. Here's what happened.

My writing came to a halt in May. After completing a very successful A to Z challenge in April and swearing I'd get back into my story after the ASAA forum was over in mid-May (my day job), I learned a dear friend had succumbed to brain cancer. Between the exhaustion of the forum and the emotional trauma of my friend's death, my mind was wiped blank--was it writer's block or something worse? I was too numb to figure it out. 

I knew if I turned my dilemma over to the Lord, He would help me. He's done it in the past. I had full faith in Him to do it again because I needed his help. So I rolled out of bed, sat up on my knees, and prayed.  

The dogs left me alone. I poured my heart out. It was one of those moments where I needed affirmation of my story's worth. That can be the worst kind of question to ask, because what if the answer is, "Go back to your day job and hang up your writer's hat for good." The Holy Ghost usually does't answer me that way anyway, but when I'm dejected about my writing, my mind takes some funny twists and turns. I got up from my prayer and went about my routine. 

While checking Facebook, I found a blog posted on LDStorymakers. It was Rhett Wintch's article titled, "Heavenly Father Wants You to Write." He told his story--how he had been inspired to write, then went through the drudgery of learning how, and the endless rewrites and self-doubt that comes with such a lonely field of work. But it all paid off--success was in sight! "Qaplah! " ( for my Klingon compatriots!)

Answers don't usually come to me like a big brass band--loud and life changing. Nor do they come with such surety in direction, like a blog article that is seemingly addressed to me. Answers are usually small whispers of impressions to move forward or to wait with faith. This was a full-throated shout--Heavenly Father wants you to write. Heavenly Father wants me to write. Me. 

And write, I shall.

I don't know Rhett. But I know his story. and I'm determined to make mine take life as he did his. Thank you, Rhett, for the push I needed. It's time to fly.

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