Wednesday, May 4, 2016

If Harry Potter visited Narnia...

...he'd get there through A Doorway Back to Forever. Find out about the magic and the message.

Allegorical fantasy has a dual purpose--first to entertain and second to teach. (Some may argue the order, but that is for another blog!)

A Doorway Back to Forever: Believe is first a fantasy--a journey of two families that discover the magical power they were born with, the royal family that beckons them home, and the madman that wants them dead. It takes the two families to a wonderful realm beyond Earth where magic is real. They learn of their connection to this mystical world and the power they have to bring magic back to Earth, if they have the courage to believe. This is the magic.

But it's also more--it's filled with lessons of life, spiritual symbolism that may speak to those who are in tune with what it has to say. The readers are challenged to think deeply--not only about the characters but about themselves--what trials do they face, what voices tempt them to falter, what song sings sweetly in their heart to bring them back on the right track. This is the message.

I've enjoyed writing this book. If you enjoyed reading it, would you recommend it to a friend? Please do! That way they can catch the magic and the message too!

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