Wednesday, October 7, 2015

IWSG October Entry: Highs and Lows

In the grand scheme of things, I'm doing really well.

 I'm progressing well with my Doorway series. My editor has sent me back some positive feedback on DBF: Believe (book one). I should have the corrections done by the end of the month--then I get to research traditional vs. indie publishing. Yum.

Book two, DBF: Trust, is in it's third draft. Hoping to complete the third draft by the end of the month.

Book three, DBF: Defend, is going to get its rough draft outline this month so I can write it in November during NaNoWriMo.

On the day to day things, I'm depressed.

 The highs and lows of being creative can be so intense. Salt Lake ComicCon and the iWriteNetwork retreat were so sweet and uplifting. Meeting my iWriteNetwork friends meant so much to me--to be around people who believe what I believe and write what I like is so encouraging. We as writers are in a secluded environment so when we see like-minded people, we are enriched. 

Meeting fans and actors of Star Trek Continues was very emotional. Star Trek meant so much to me growing up, and Star Trek Continues is a direct connection to a part of me that was always secure, alive, and full of hope. A large part of that had been lost for years. To have it back is like regaining the use of a limb. I can't get enough of that show!

So how does one balance the highs and lows? 

Remembering there is opposition in all things. We cannot fully appreciate the beautiful without seeing what is ugly. We cannot forgive without being hurt first in order to have a reason to forgive. We cannot start our climb from the top of the mountain--we need to fight the battle to get to the top where all things are then made clear. We need to understand that rewards are sweeter when hardships cut straight to the heart.

Thanks to the Insecure Writer's support Group for showing me that other people have the same struggles that I do. It helps in overcoming depression. It helps to know there is success out there, for me too, one day. 


  1. Yeah, it can be such a rush, this writing thing. And then it's not. lol Hang in there. I love your story!


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