Friday, January 9, 2015

My Daily Writer's Retreat


 Michael and I moved to Bethel Pennsylvania a week before Thanksgiving last year. This is our log cabin home. It comes complete with two wood burning stoves, all wood interior, and lots of open space! I have never been happier in a home before. It is our dream come true. Truly a writer's haven. We chose this home because it is located down the road from the Golden Age Air Museum where Michael spends many happy hours flying and working on old airplanes. A win win for both of us!

Once we pick up some of Michael's aviation artwork that has been on display in New Jersey, and once we find a place to hang it, I'll get some pictures of the interior up for display here. The house is all wood and has a rustic feel. Kind of like Montana, but with smaller mountains...
When something is right in your life, you feel it. Everything falls into place. Everything about this move has been perfect--the church community, the friends and neighbors at the  museum, and especially the beautiful spirit we both feel here in this restful town. I'm happy to post that in the two months we've been here, my writing has really taken off! Must be something in the air.

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  1. I didn't know you had moved! This is a lovely home, well suited to the incredible home owners!!


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