Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Logline Success--Save the Cat saved my life!

Insecure Writer's Support Group

So this is huge for me! I think I actually signed up for the IWSG! Yay! If the logo appears in this blog, then I was successful. Yay! (if not I'll try again next month).

So onto my insecure entry: Save the Cat saved my life!

I've always known Save the Cat, by Blake Snyder was an awesome book to help with story structure. But I didn't realize how valuable it was in helping a writer focus on the tag line, or logline of your manuscript. Snyder emphasizes so clearly how effect a concise description of your manuscript can be in selling your idea. Sometimes all you have is one shot to sell your idea, and an effective logline makes all the difference. So here is mine:

"Rosie and Katie are twelve-year-old best friends that share everything, except their deepest secret--they both possess Magic-Sense, the ability to see and hear beyond earthly sight and sound."

Here's why I finally like this tagline:
1. it has conflict--best friends should share their deepest secret, but they don't.
2. audience--we know this is middle grade because the girls are twelve years old.
3. mystery--what is Magic-Sense, really? Is it good or bad? You want to read more.
4. flow--it has the flow I've been looking for. With it, I can come up with a one line blurb and I can also use it to develop my back cover synopsis, which I've done and included on my blog page about the book.

Success for me is taking baby steps and getting somewhere, one step at a time!


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